When it comes to fixing irrigation, there are a lot of work nuances that must be taken into account. Most of our customers tend to know some of them, so we always have a good deal of questions asked all the time. To make life easier both for our clients and for ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, which is what you see on this page.

Q: What Arizona cities do you provide sprinkler repair and irrigation installation services in?

A: We provide sprinkler and irrigation services the following Arizona cities:

  • Ahwatukee, AZ
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Queen Creek, AZ
  • San Tan Valley, AZ

Q: How can I tell if my irrigation or sprinklers needs to be repaired?

A: Most of people often neglect their irrigation system until such issues as a broken sprinkler, irrigation line, dead plants, shrubs, or trees, or other serious damage occurs. Mainly, irrigation issues can be discovered long before major (and expensive) problems come up. If you notice pooling water, a plants or shrubs dying, or grass dying it means the time has come to do some proper maintenance for your irrigation.

Q: How can I see that I need to completely replace my irrigation?

A: Even with maintenance checkups and repairs the time to replace your sprinklers or irrigation will come.  These are a few ways to determine if it’s time to replace your system.

Age: Irrigation systems generally last only a certain amount of time depending on a number of factors from soil movement to the quality of the piping used to build your irrigation system.

Leaks: If there are multiple leaks in your irrigation, this can be a pretty good sign that there is a problem and the time has come to replace your sprinkler and irrigation lines.  Leaving problems unchecked can create a big problem for homeowners and patching things one at a time is not always the best solution.  In some cases, it can be much cheaper to replacing entire irrigation lines rather going through a more expensive patch and fix process.

Appearance: Sprinklers that are not rotating or turning properly, seem to have low pressure or are not spraying as well, far, or with the same consistent pattern they used to have are a good indication that it’s time for sprinkler service.

Q: How long will my irrigation system last?

A: Modern irrigation systems designed and built using quality piping and materials will last you for many trouble free years even in the harsh Arizona climate.  The life of your irrigation system will be determined by environmental factors and weather, proper installation & design, material quality, and adequate maintenance and repairs. Irrigation material warranties can vary greatly so take a look at a manufacturer’s warranty programs before you buy anything.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: credit-cardsYes we accept VISA / Mastercard / Discover / American Express as well as other forms of payment such as checks and cash.

Q: How long will it take to install my new sprinkler system?

A: Of course there are a few additional nuances that affect all sprinkler projects. These may include things like weather, whether or not there is an existing system to work with, the size of your yard and other considerations. But typically, our contractors are completely finished with your new sprinkler system — from removing the old system to clean up — in a few days at most.  Some sprinkler projects only take a few hours depending on these same factors.

Q: Can I do the work myself?

A: Though it may be tempting to try and do the work all on your own, most work should not be done yourself. Professional irrigation contractors are meant to safely and efficiently repair or replace irrigation systems. Also, that may be a bad idea as with little to no practical experience in the matter you can damage your system or even injure yourself or other by using improper techniques as there is both water and electricity involved.

Q: Are you a licensed contractor?

A: Our parent company, Irrigation Repair Services has been a fully licensed and bonded company since 2009 and has been operating since 2004.

Licensed and Bonded – AZ R.O.C. #256752